The SI2E – Incentive System for Entrepreneurship and Employment was launched in the context of Portugal 2020 support with the main objective of promoting entrepreneurship and job creation. In the Northern Region, it is implemented with funds from NORTE 2020, through the FEDER and the FSE, and managed by Local Action Groups, Intermunicipal Communities and Metropolitan Area of Porto.

Based on the logic of stimulating small businesses in low-density areas or territories with high unemployment, SI2E provides for the application of European Union funds for the creation of micro and small enterprises or the expansion or modernization of micro and small enterprises.

Micro and small enterprises, including entities engaged in a craft or other activity on an individual or family basis, societies of persons or associations which regularly carry out an economic activity.

Geographical area
NORTE 2020 funds are invested in investments in one of the 86 municipalities in the North of Portugal. For SI2E, the candidate must confirm that the location of the investment is eligible in one of the areas of intervention of the managing entities:

  • Investments up to 100 thousand Euros l Areas of intervention of the Local Action Groups (LAGs), responsible for the promotion of Local Community Based Development Strategies (LCBDS) – Check here the area of incidence of LAGs

Investment between 100 and 235 thousand euros (100 thousand euros in areas with no LAG intervention) | Areas of intervention of the Intermunicipal Communities and the Porto Metropolitan Area, responsible for the stimulation of Pacts for Development and Territorial Cohesion (PDTC) – See here the incidence area of the CIM e AMP